EMACT Reading competition 21st November 2018

We had a fantastic day at the EMACT Reading Competition at Leicester University!  Over 140 competitors attended from nine schools.  The standard was very high and the competitions were hard-fought, as people had obviously put in a lot of work preparing for the day.  We congratulate the winners, and thank everyone who attended, whether as competitors, staff or judges.  A full list of prize-winners is available here.

Details of the competition are available here.  Please note that there is no charge for entry, but schools should be paid up members of EMACT.  Please join using this form.

This event is supported by the Classical Association.


EMACT 6th Form Conference 6th February 2019

Our 2018 study day took place at Loughborough High School on 7th February 2018.  Details are here.  A record number of schools attended, with 120 students, who enjoyed a fantastic range of lectures and seminars from scholars from the universities of Leicester, Oxford, Nottingham and Birmingham.  The 2019 study day will take place on 6th February at Nottingham High School.

University of Leicester seminars

The School of Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Leicester has now announced its programme of research seminars for the Autumn term.

All are welcome.  If you intend to bring a group, please e-mail Alex Thomas at ajt51@le.ac.uk

The seminars will all take place at 5pm in either Attenborough Lecture Theatre 3 or Ken Edwards Lecture Theatre 2, with refreshments in the SAAH foyer at 4.30pm.

3rd October — Dr James Harland (University of Northumbria): The Archaeology of the Aduentus Saxonum: Rethinking Ethnicity in Britain During the so-called “Migration Age” (ATT LT3)

10th October — Dr Emily Banfield (University of Leicester): Tales from the Ontological Tern: posthumanist interpretations of the faunal remains in eight Neolithic long barrows in Wiltshire (ATT LT3)

17th October — Dr James Dixon (Wood E&IS UK/Europe): Creative Archaeology and Built Heritage, from experiments to practice (ATT LT3)

24th October — Dr Hannah Cornwell (University of Birmingham): Topographies, spaces and processions of negotiation between Parthia and Rome in the Early Empire (ATT LT3)

31st October — Dr Darryl Wilkinson (University of Cambridge): The Rise and Fall of the Great Pots: Ceramic People in the Late Prehistoric Andes (ATT LT3)

7th November —Ian Meadows: Irchester, a middling sort of Roman town (KE LT2)

14th November — Dr Eleonora Zampieri (University of Leicester): Pompey the Great’s temple of Minerva in Rome (KE LT2)

21st November — Dr Jonathan Prag (University of Oxford): Rams and warships: new bronze rostra from the First Punic War (KE LT2)

28th November — Professor Ian Armit (University of Leicester): Art, landscape and the body: Iron Age interactions in SE (KE LT2)

5th December — Gustav Milne (CITiZAN): Coastal Heritage Under Threat: CITiZAN – a national, community-based response (KE LT2)

12th December — University of Leicester Archaeological Services: ULAS roundup (KE LT2)