EMACT Greek Certificate

EMACT offers a certificate system for the introduction of ancient Greek via a series of graded test booklets.

The EMACT Classical Greek Graded Tests are at 4 levels:

  • Level 1E (Entry) is for non-specialists, can be taken with resources supplied in the booklets and is meant for interested time-strapped groups.
  • Levels 1S/2S/3S (Specialist) are higher levels that presuppose certain amounts of teaching time; these have been successfully taken by groups working outside the timetable.

Information about administration, assessment of tests and issue of certificates is in the booklets, as well as all specification resources.  These are now available to download:

Syllabus booklet  

Syllabus Level 2S and 3S

1E Workbook updated

1E Workbook (original version)

Please note that the Workbook has a mix of portrait and landscape pages.  You will need to check that your software will print them in the correct orientation.

The tests themselves (which teachers are trusted to keep confidential) are available to purchase.  Costs are:- package of all tests £5.00, certificates each £0.25.

If you would like to purchase the tests, please contact the webmaster at hilary.walters at ntlworld dot com. Thank you for your interest.

6 thoughts on “EMACT Greek Certificate

  1. Dear sir/madam,

    I would like to offer the EMACT Greek qualifications to a group of 6th Form Students as Beyond the Curriculum.

    We have used the qualification in the past, thus we Syllabuses, practice materials and tests booklets published in 1994.

    I would be very grateful if you could let me know if the qualifications will be available during 2017/18; if the booklets that we have are still applicable, and finally, if you still offer a moderator service for the tests.

    Many thanks.

    Kind regards,

    Teresa Washington

  2. Hi, I just wondered whether the EMACT Greek certificate still runs? I have students who would like to study some ancient greek but possibly not the whole GCSE. Thanks for any advice, Kim

  3. Dear all,
    please send details on how to obtain tests and certificates for both Level 1E and Level 1S.

    I have a group of a dozen Yr9 students studying Greek at a lunchtime club and would like to give them the chance to earn some formal certificate for their studies.
    Best wishes
    Mr D Lamb

  4. Dear EMACT,
    I would like to use these tests as I have a small but growing group of students in my Greek lunchtime club. The school is St Margaret’s School, Bushey.

    Many thanks,

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